Английский язык, И.И. Панова
Решебник по английскому языку 5 класс
Английский язык для 5 класса в 2-х частях (автор И.И. Панова. «Вышэйшая школа», 2008 год)
Ex. 7, p. 6

1. Yes, I always have a rest after classes.

2. Yes, I have got a hobby. My hobby is dancing.

3. Yes, I am an active person.

4. No, I don't. Sometimes I stay at home and help my mother about the house.

5. When I stay at home I do the work about the house or watch TV.

6. I must clean the carpets, wash the floor in my room and wash up.

7. Yes, I think my life at school is exciting.

8. My mother has two days-off.

9. Yes, rainy days are usually boring because you have to stay at home.

10. My favourite lesson is Maths.

Ex. 8, p. 6

1. English and History are my favourite subjects at school.

2. She didn't go with them, she stayed at home.

3. I spent the weekend in the country.

4. I always have a rest at the weekend.

5. I like active rest.

6. The film was boring and I didn't watch it.

7. Do you often meet friends?

8. It was an exciting game.

9. Did you have a good time at the weekend?

10. What did you do about the house on Saturday?

Language Development

Ex.1, p. 7

Small — маленький Smaller — меньше Tall — высокий Taller — выше
Решебник Английский язык, И.И. Панова